Zoraida K. Soto

Toll Free: (800) 516-0005

Zoraida Soto is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) having graduated from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She received her degree in Law from the University of Marino Galvez also located in Guatemala. In addition, she received a LLM Degree from the University of Panama in Guatemala.

She is currently working in private practice but was employed in the past in the public sector by the Superintendent of Banking of Guatemala as the Assistant Director of Banking Investigations. Prior to holding this position, she was employed as an attorney working in several large private banking institutions including Banco de Guatemala and Banco Immobilaria de Guatemala.

Since her retirement from government work, she has concentrated her practice in a variety of areas including personal injury matters.  Ms. Soto cooperates with our firm in legal matters in the country of Guatemala and other countries in Central America relating to personal injury claims and accidents, civil lawsuits in general, commercial litigation, notarial issues, incorporation and family law.