Prescription Drug Injuries

Millions of Americans have suffered the consequences of prescription drugs consumed by them which in many cases have resulted in serious side effects, the causing factor for other illnesses and even death in some instances. The law firm of Youngs and Associates can provide you with free legal guidance if you are injured due to a prescription drug ingestion and suffer serious subsequent side effects. There are many drug categories which have been proven recently to cause a variety of illnesses and serious consequences including heart attack and death. Also, pharmacies are often negligent in providing the particular drug prescribed which can have catastrophic effects on a person’s health. It is possible to bring a lawsuit against such pharmacies for negligence as well. Some pharmacies even make serious errors adversely affecting patients health by incorrectly indicating excessive dosages for certain prescription drugs.

Once again, such pharmacies can be held liable in court for negligence for such conduct which causes serious injuries to prescription drug patients. Certain categories of drugs have been shown to cause serious side effects including death. Some of these drugs include arthritis related prescription remedies such as Celebrex, Vioxx and Bextra. If you or a member of your family has been prescribed any of these medicines and have suffered serious health consequences you should call the law offices of Youngs and Associates who can represent you in a pharmaceutical drug injury case where you may be able to obtain compensation relating to serious side effects of the prescribed medicine. We can inform you with regard to your rights in such cases, negotiate on your behalf with drug companies and in some instances file a lawsuit on your behalf seeking compensation for injuries to your health. In some cases, if a family member dies as a consequence of a prescribed drug excessive dosage or defective prescription drug a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by family members.

Other drugs which are allegedly remedies for depression often cause serious side effects as well, in many instances, suicide by the patient. This group of drugs which can have such a serious side effect including birth defects are Paxil, and Zyprexa as well as Ambien. There are a variety of other drugs which are currently on the market causing serious health side effects. Some of these include Botox, Norvir, Seldane, Heparin and Yasmin. If you or any member of your family had taken such prescription drugs and then were adversely affected by them you need to reach out to our office as soon as possible so we can explain to you your legal rights and research the matter to determine if such prescription drugs have resulted in the same health threat to other patients. Many drugs have caused injuries to patients such as blood clots, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, tendinitis and even death in many cases.

New evidence is being developed that certain vaccines have caused serious health issues in certain patients. Some vaccines which can be dangerous to certain people include Thermersal, Autism and RhoGAM. If you have suffered a reaction after receiving these vaccines or any other vaccine has seriously affected your health please contact our office immediately. We are available to discuss your pharmaceutical drug negligence case 24/7 throughout the year. Do not attempt to negotiate directly with insurance companies or pharmaceutical firms if you have suffered a serious side effect from taking any pharmaceutical drug. Instead, contact our office or another attorney of your choice immediately who can provide you with the guidance you need in order to protect your rights due to the ingestion of a prescription drug which has caused a detrimental affect to your health. We have offices to serve you in Aventura, Pembroke Pines, Doral and Weston, Florida as well as in New York and Colorado.