Broward County Slip and Fall Lawyer – Ft. Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorney

Our Broward County Slip and Fall Lawyer – Ft. Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorney can assist you if you have been injured.  Premises liability is an area of law where owners, landlords and or managers are held liable for injuries sustained by a visitor to someone’s residence or a business. The law defines premises liability in various terms including those relating to victims of injuries such as invitees, licensees and trespassers. Whether the owner of a property is responsible for injuries sustained by one of these classes of persons who are on a property and injured depends on many factors and various state statutes. Whether an owner of a private home or a business is held liable for injuries sustained by a visitor on the property depends on many circumstances as well.

In some instances, a homeowner can be held responsible for an injury at his residence while business owners under different circumstances may not be liable for injuries to one of their customers.

For example, many states have specific statutes which protect business owners in the so-called slip and fall cases. In particular, in Florida, for example, a business owner or manager can only be held liable for injuries sustained when someone slips on a wet floor if the substance had been on the floor for approximately 20 minutes and the owners of the business knew or should have known that the floor was wet. Once again, there are many factors that have to be considered to determine if a business or an individual owner of a home are liable for negligence to individuals who were injured on their property.

In cases where there is a condition which exists on a property which the owner knew or should have known was dangerous in nature, which causes a person to fall or otherwise sustain an injury in some other way it may be possible to file a lawsuit against the property owner or manager. Premises liability law is generally divided into two areas. If someone trespasses on a property generally speaking, he has very little recourse if he is injured unless for example the owner purposely sets in motion a mechanism which causes serious harm to the trespasser.

However, when someone is invited to a business as a customer or into a home as a social guest in the event they are injured, the owner of the property generally can be held responsible if he knew or should have known of the inherent danger which caused the injury of the victim such as broken or separated floor tiles, stairs in disrepair or unattended swimming pools with no restrictions to prevent small children from falling into the water and drowning. Once again, however, statutes differ depending on the jurisdiction and therefore it is important to contact an attorney who can provide you or a family member with guidance in the event you are injured in a fall due to some hazard on the property.

Broward County Slip and Fall Lawyer  –  Ft. Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorney

Another aspect of premises liability which is important to remember is the responsibility of a business owner to provide security for customers while they are shopping or otherwise legally on the property of a corporate entity. Under certain conditions, the owner of a business can be held liable when customers are robbed or assaulted or in some instances raped in parking lots or dark stairwell areas. Poor lighting and lack of security are important factors to consider which may provide the basis of a negligence case against the owner of a business. Simply because the owner or operator of a business has contracted with some company to provide security or handle the lighting situation on the property does not necessarily mean that this business owner will not be held liable in the event of lack of due care on his part which results in the injuries sustained by a victim of an assault or a fall on the property.

Whether your case involves a slip and fall injury or you or a family member has sustained some other type of injury while on the property of another or in a business situation robbed or otherwise accosted while in the parking lot or parking garage of the company and are injured, you should immediately contact a lawyer for guidance. We are pleased to provide you with a free assessment of your case which may help define your rights and determine if you have a legal case of negligence which could be brought against the owner of a property. Please feel free to contact our office 24/7 any time for legal counsel regarding premises liability cases. We have offices to serve you in Aventura, Pembroke Pines, Doral and Weston, Florida as well as anywhere in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County.

Broward County Slip and Fall Lawyer – Ft. Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorney