Javier Cherigo Hurtado

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Javier Cherigo is a graduate of the University of Panama Law School (1990) and is a practicing member of the Panama Bar.

Mr. Cherigo is a member of the prestigious law firm of Vergara, Anguizola and Associates in Panama City, Panama. He works closely with our firm on cases relating to International Personal Injury Litigation, Civil Litigation in Panama as well as Commercial Law and Offshore Incorporation, Labor Law and Panama Immigration and Customs matters.

Javier Cherigo served as the Assistant Director of the PTJ (Equivalent to the FBI) in Panama on two separate occasions and was the former Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility (Internal Affairs Division) in the Panama National Police Department. He was also a former criminal prosecutor in Panama for 10 years. Mr. Cherigo is also a graduate of the FBI Latin America Executive Development School at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia (2001).