Fatal Bus Accident

Another fatal head-on motor vehicle collision occurred this week in Patna, India which killed 23 Indian citizens and injured an additional 15 who were sent to the hospital with serious injuries. This bus collisionappears to have been caused by the bus driver who lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on into an on-coming tractor-trailer causing the bus and truck accident. This is a common occurrence in many foreign countries throughout the world due to a lack of enforcement relating to traffic laws and alcohol or drug use by many of the drivers of buses and other vehicles used in the public transportation.

Throughout Central and South America as well as Asia and Africa these types of incidents occur on a regular basis. Any American citizen traveling abroad must be cognizant of the risk in using public transportation, in particular, taxis or buses. In most instances, not only are passengers in buses killed or injured when a bus leaves the road or is struck by another vehicle during such a motor vehicle accident, but passengers and drivers of automobiles are often killed as well in these types of car accidents. In this particular case, it was reported that many of the passengers were riding on the roof of the bus when the bus and truck accident occurred. Not only do the drivers of buses in many foreign countries such as India drive recklessly but in most instances the vehicles are overloaded which affects the stability of the buses or cars.