Working in or around a construction site is one of the most dangerous professions in our country. Workers are often injured and members of the public also can be hurt due to the negligence of the contractor or operator of a construction site. When employees are injured on the job due to construction site injuries, many times the employer refuses to recognize the seriousness of such an injury and basically disregards a complaint by a worker. There are numerous ways that workers can be injured on a job site where there is construction underway including scaffoldings that collapse, ladders that fall as well as walls or trenches that give way and cause serious injury or death to an employee. Also, a variety of machinery injuries at construction sites take place including accidents involving forklifts, tractors, cranes or even welding equipment.

The law in the area of construction injury is complex and in many instances recovery can be limited as well as attorneys fees. Time can become an important factor in these cases since in many instances an injury must be reported to the employer at a site within 30 days or the worker is denied compensation by statute. That is why it is essential that you contact an attorney to help you protect your rights if you are injured on a construction site. Treatment for your injury is a primary concern but you must be able to understand your legal position in such a case. In many instances, workers injure their necks or backs and believe that they will somehow get better over time when in fact they may actually need surgery in the future. In many of these cases workers never report the accident to their employers and are often banned from recovery for not complying with the 30 day reporting rule.

If you suffer a fall on a construction site, injure your back or sustain a head injury while working you should notify your employer immediately and thereafter contact an attorney for guidance. Whether it be an injury from a sharp object at a construction site, a serious burn suffered while working or even the death of a family member. We offer you or any member of your family immediate free advice 24/7 so we can assess your situation and try to determine whether there is possible liability on the part of the contractor or operator of the construction site for failing to use due care and caution in terms of maintaining a site in a manner that protects the workers and the public.

There were over 5000 deaths due to work-related injuries in the United States last year according to the U. S. Labor Department. Thousands of others were reportedly injured including over 200,000 with back injuries and another 200,000 who suffered serious falls on the job. Don’t let yourself be another statistic without receiving compensation for your injury. We invite you to call the law office of Youngs and Associate so that you can receive the help you may need following an injury at a construction site. We have offices to serve you in Pembroke Pines, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami plus we service all accident cases throughout Broward, Palm Beach as well as Miami-Dade County, Florida