Boating Accidents

Boating and Watercraft Injuries

According to government statistics, at least 700 people die every year due to boating accidents throughout the United States. In addition, another 3500 people are seriously injured in boating accidents throughout the country. Some of the injuries involved in boating accidents leave the victims paralyzed or requiring long-term hospitalization or in some extreme instances, medical care for life. If you or a family member is injured in a boating accident or cruise ship injury we invite you to obtain legal advice offered by the law firm of Youngs and Associates who’s goal it is to help you preserve your legal rights in the event of such an unfortunate occurrence.

The laws relating to boating accidents and cruise ship injuries are extremely complex being governed by Admiralty Law in many instances. When a person is injured in a boating accident the law may well differ depending on whether such an event occurs on a lake, a river or at sea.

That is why it is essential that you contact our firm immediately following a boating accident or cruise ship injury so you can receive the advice you need and at the same time preserve evidence to support any future claim against either the negligent operator of a boat or a cruise ship line.

In many instances people are injured in foreign countries while on cruise ship water excursions with private companies or hotel contractors. Even if the cruise line is not liable for such injury there may be other parties legally responsible for the injuries sustained by you or a member of your family.

The reasons why boating accidents occur are numerous, but in general, injuries due to boating accidents take place when the operators of boats are intoxicated, driving at high speeds in a reckless manner or are simply inexperienced. If you are injured as a consequence of someone driving a boat in such a manner you have a right to compensation for your injuries which could be serious and long-term.

Other factors which contribute to boating injuries include fires on board ships or boats, poor weather conditions which should have been anticipated by the boat operator, boating equipment failure and perhaps most importantly, the lack of use of life jackets. In nine out of ten deaths relating to boating accidents the victims were not wearing life jackets. In some instances younger operators of small boats let go of the steering wheel on purpose and due to their negligent or reckless act cause a boating accident to occur. Some boat operators fail to turn off the motor while people are boarding or diving causing severe injuries to these individuals. Lack of adult supervision is an important factor in many negligence lawsuits against boat owners or drivers. Finally, swimmers are often run over by careless drivers operating watercraft causing injuries in such boating accidents. One must always remember that if someone is injured in a boating accident they often drown because they’re incapacitated following the injury and often cannot swim while injured.

It is important that you or a member of your family who is injured in a boating accident contact an attorney promptly following an injury due to a boating accident. Medical treatment is obviously the most important factor immediately following a serious injury as a consequence of a watercraft accident but you, as the injured party, must also consider the future legal consequences of such an accident. In many cases long-term hospitalization and medical care will be necessary which can be extremely expensive for the average family. If you choose to contact us we will strive to help you began to preserve the evidence and prepare your legal case but it is important that you contact our office or another attorney immediately before your legal position is diminished due to your lack of knowledge regarding the consequences of a delay in seeking legal advice. Please feel free to contact our law firm 24/7 throughout the year on our toll free number in the event you are injured in a boating accident. We are always available to visit you in the hospital or at your home if you are recovering from a watercraft accident injury. Remember not to discuss your injuries with insurance representatives but rather refer them to our firm or another attorney of your choice. We have offices to serve you in Aventura, Pembroke Pines, Doral and Weston, Florida as well as in New York and Colorado.