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Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer – Miami, Florida Auto Injury Attorney

The Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer – Miami, Florida Auto Injury Attorney from Youngs and Associates will guide you through your accident case. Our law firm which was established 19 years ago only accepts a limited number of Car Accident and other Motor Vehicle Accident cases as well as premises trip and fall liability, medical malpractice and a minimal number of other personal injury matters because our goal is to dedicate all the time necessary to each and every client we represent. Our clients are very important to us and our Miami, Florida Auto Accident Attorneys and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Car Accident Lawyers in the firm recognize that each and every one of the plaintiffs involved in car accidents or other injury events which affect their lives forever deserves our undivided attention.

Miami, Florida Car Accident Lawyer – Fort Lauderdale, Florida Auto Injury Attorney
ur Miami Car Accident law firm has over 75 years of combined legal experience in car accident and other personal injury cases. We can interview and assist any clients who have been involved in car accidents with injuries or other personal injury accidents at our various offices in Miami, Florida (Miami-Dade County) and Ft. Lauderdales, Florida (Broward County) as well as West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County). We can meet victims in auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident cases involving injuries at your home or in the hospital, whichever is more convenient for the injured client. In car accident cases we will send an investigator to photograph the vehicles involved in the crash as well as the injuries of the victim/client.

Our firm handles car, truck. motorcycle, bus and pedestrian injury cases as well as other personal injury matters involving the following bodily trauma:

Fractures, brain injuries, torn ligaments or tendons requiring surgery, herniated disks in neck or back or other spinal cord trauma, burns, serious lacerations, scars, eye injuries or wrongful death.

Miami Car Accident Lawyer – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Auto Injury Attorney

Our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Broward County) and Miami, Florida (Miami-Dade County) Auto Accident Lawyers represent every client’s position zealously within the bounds of the law and try to obtain the most positive result possible for the injured client or his family in wrongful death cases. We are available to meet your needs 24/7 at any of our various locations and we give each client an assessment of his or her legal position by providing updates on a regular basis as to the status of their case. Once again, we only accept a limited number of legal cases to meet our goal of informing and engaging our client at every stage of the legal process and dedicating the time necessary for each case.

Please give us the opportunity to represent you by calling our office for a free consultation.

Miami Car Accident Lawyer – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Auto Injury Attorney